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Welcome to the all-purpose Digimon Fanfiction LiveJournal Community.

Want to ramble about your fics? Find a beta-reader, or people to review your story? Then go on ahead.

I'm not all too picky about what stuff you post here, so long as it's on topic with Digimon Fanfiction. So it doesn't matter what sort of pairings or characters you like, if you want to talk about it, go ahead.

All I ask is that longer entries use a LJ cut. Besides that, there is just one, very important rule to remember... There will be absolutely NO character bashing allowed. That is one thing I absolutely will not tolerate. If you want to bash a character, then either keep it to yourself, or else. Got it? Good.

But anyway... have fun. :) Just hope I can actually drag some people in here...

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