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Ryuusei no Digimon adventure Z - Digimon Fanfiction
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Subject:Ryuusei no Digimon adventure Z
Time:06:42 pm
The Ministry of Science HQ Japan 2208 Midday December 21

“You’ll have to get through me first! You stupid freaks!” Yuudai threatens them, as he ran toward, dodging a projectile from a hound virus before giving it a couple punching and then gave it a kick to the head, deleting from existent. “Good!” He exclaimed, but groaned in pain case a knight like virus slashed behind his back. “AGH!” He yelled as spark flew off his armor and fell to the ground.

“You jerk! That hurts!” Yuudai got back on its feet and draw his sword. “Two can play that game!” He run to the knight and giving it a cut across the chest and then stab the virus in the stomach and explode before Yuudai yanked his sword out.

He turn his head to the remaining virus. “How many of you do I still need to cut down!” He growled, holding his sword in front. Yuudai then eyed at the glowing object and got an idea. “Those viruses come right before those thing came.” Yuudai grin. “Then if I destroy it, the viruses will go away!”

With that in his mind he leaped to the closest object and slash it in two. He keep doing it while dodging all of the viruses attacks until there was no more as the surrounding colors returning to normal.

“Yes! Now i don’t have to worry about the…” He exclaimed happy, but didn't last long when he saw the viruses. “What?! Why are they still here?” He asks, Then 12 Mettorio line themselves up and glare Yuudai. They raised their pickaxes in the air and slam them down to the ground. This caused a shockwave at the ground coming at Yuudai. Once he saw it, Yuudai quickly put all of his strength into his legs and jump backwards with all his might. However to his surprise his jump reaches the height over a three-stories of a building as he pass through the roof until he land on a Wave Road.

“How did I….?! And Why did I...?!” Yuudai gasp and try figure out what happen to him. When he saw his father and Hikari, talking to a black haired man wearing a green trench coat. “Dad! Maybe he know what happen to me.” Yuudai jumps down at Hikari side.

At that moment the unknown man’s black Transfer with an Satella Police symbol on it when off along with the antenna on his head.

“W-what’s going on all of the sudden?” Hikari asks surprised.

“This reaction..!” The Satella Police open his Transfer. “A Z-wave reaction! I never seen something like this before.”

“What do you wish to do about these readings?” asks a mechanical voice from the Transfer as somebody else opened a communication link to the transfer.

“Try to pinpoint the source immediately! Make sure there’s no stone unturned!”

“Order confirmed! All search parameters and triangulations systems are already booted and in execution! The hunt is on” came from the transfer “Ask for permission to engage when I find the whereabouts of the source”

“Permission granted.”

“I will enjoy this fight.” told the voice and ends the communication before a mail arrives with the words as the officer roll his eyes. “This time you are not that annoying for me.”

“Uuhm… Officer who are you talking to?” Hikari asks.

“Just a colleague of my little miss.” The Officer said. “I suggest you stay away from the building. An unknown Z-wave appeared close by and we don’t know it dangers.”

“Unknown Z-wave…. Don’t tell me?” He mumbled to himself and tell the officer. “That’s probably one of the project i work on. If i don’t check it out will cause a lot of disaster.”

“Is that true?” The officer asks, and Regal nod. “Then I’ll accompany you to the source until the problem is solved.”

“Thank you.” Regal said as the officer heed to his other colleague, Regal turn to the girl and said. “Hikari-kun, listen to me carefully. At this moment Yuudai should be close by.”

“He is?!” Hikari asks relieved.

“Probably.” Regal took out a strange black sunglasses out of his pocket and hand it over to her. “Use this Visualizer to find him. If you do, tell him to go inside you transfer and head to my house immediately and wait for Me.” he explain and when to Satella Police, before Hikari could ask anything.

“What does he mean by that?” Hikari wonder, slowly putting the glasses to see Yuudai in front of him. “Hwaa! Y-yuudai-kun! Where did you come from?” She stutter.

“I’ve been here the whole time! But neither you or Dad notice me, as if i’m turn invisible or something.” Yuudai told his childhood friend.

“Invisible?” Hikari remove the Visualizer as Yuudai suddenly vanishing, she blinked with her eye before she put the glasses back on and he reappeared. “You’re right! You turn invisible somehow.”

“Just what the heck happen to me? Can i even visible again?” Yuudai moped.

“I’m sure you will.” She reassured Yuudai. “But we to go do you house and wait for Regal-san to comeback.”

“Yea i heard.” Yuudai said. “But i don’t get the part where he said ‘to go inside you Transfer’?”

Hikari think of a sec and suggest. “Maybe… You need to touch me Transfer?”

“Worth a shot.” Yuudai touched Hikari’s Transfer and suddenly he turn into a red light and when inside her terminal device.

Yuudai-kun?!” Hikari quickly open her Transfers and saw Yuudai on the scream.

“Am I inside you transfer right now?!” Yuudai shout in surprise. “I don’t what’s going on anymore!”

“You're not the only one here.” She said, just confused as Yuudai. “But we better get out of here.”

“Couldn’t agree with you more.” He said and Hikari quickly when to Yuudai’s home.

In the very moment the transfer of the Inspector beeped loudly, signaling his partner wants to talk.

“What wrong?” He asks.

“I lost the target before getting a visual.” was the reply “I was close for pinpointing as the signal was lost and after recalibrating the search parameters, I was able to detect the last confirmed area. The sub processors and Logic systems suggest that target moved on a secured Transfer. Further search impossible. The prey escaped the predator this time. Ask permission for setting up traps for a quicker response when the target reappears.”

“Granted, once you done make sure you check every Transfer you can find.” The officer ordered.

“In which search parameter? In the police databanks are alone several thousand legal registered Transfers, searching each of them in the entire town takes a while, giving greater risk of escape. And I request you to call upon the entire Predator squad as backup. The damage I registered were surprisingly large. Whatever is the cause, alone I have hard time to find target before greater damage is caused. And increases chances of success.”

The officer think for a moment and said. “Very well. Report to me if anything comes up.”

“Affirmative! I search for trails to continue the hunt” told the voice “Until further notice contact only possible through Mails” and the call ends.

“Is there a problem, Officer Goyoda?” Regal asks.

“Not at all, Professor. Now let's proceed.” Goyoda said as he, Regal and the other Satella Police entered the building.

Kodama Town Japan 2209 Midday December 21 The Albert Resistant

After the whole ordeal, Hikari was able to return to Yuudai’s house safely. Karen wasn’t there as they found a note saying that she went to the market. Right now Hikari is sitting on the couch using the Visualizer as she look at Yuudai who walking around the table.

“This day keep crazier by the minute, even in Digimon standard!” Said Yuudai, trying to get a grip of the situation. “First the lab was attack by viruses, then a strange skull order me to defeat a Rockman, and now i wear an armor, my hair got longer and was fighting a couple of viruses with a freaking katana!” He draw his sword, pointing at it.

“And I think a Predator was somewhere around.” Told Hikari “At least I have seen an inspector talking to somebody through the Transfer searching something in the arena...”

“You want to tell me you believe this rumor that the Police digged out something of the old internet days” deadpans Yuudai “These Predators are a myth to scare hackers away.” He sight trying to sit on the couch but when pass it with his head sticking out. “I hope i can turn back to normal.”

“On the bright side. You do look pretty cool with that armor and long hair.” Hikari try to cheer Yuudai up. But at that moment her Transfer beeped lousy, she open her terminal and saw a mail from Regal. “Yuudai-kun! I got a mail from your dad!”

“And what does it say?” He asks, getting back on his feet.

“Hold on. ‘Hikari-kun, I’m sure you found Yuudai and are right now in my house. There is a way to change him back to normal. Go to Yuudai’s room, there you’ll find a big glowing orange spot, called the Wave Hole. All he need to do is step into it and he’ll return to the real world. PS: I sure you and Yuudai have a lot of questions and i’m willing to answer, but only if your brother and the rest of the Chosen Children are here. The power that Yuudai wields is a part of important for both Digimon and the Peace incident’.” Hikari finished reading the mail.

“Importance for both Digimon and the Peace incident?” Ray said looking to his hands. “What is so special about this? Why did dad make it in the first place?”

“He must have a good reason of it.” Hikari said. “Why don’t you look for this Wave-hole? I’ll sent a mail to everyone about what happen today. But… how does he know about all it?”

“Who knows?” Yuudai shrugged, walking to the other side of the room. “Be back in a sec.” He jumped through the roof and arrived at his room. “I think i might get use to this.” Yuudai mumble to himself, He look around his room and saw a orange whirlpool next to his desk. “That must be the Wave hole.” He move a little closer and kneeled close to it. “So all i need to do is step on it?” Yuudai wondered, as he slowly moved and place his hand at the Wave hole and without notice, his body becomes transparent until he glowed red and chance back into his usual outfit.

“It really work! I’m back to normal!” Yuudai cheered, checking every corner of his body and run towards to living room as he burst the door open causing his childhood friend to startle as turn her head and saw Yuudai. “Kari! It work! What dad said is true! I’m back to been me again!”

“That great!” She said, happy for his friend. “And there’s nothing wrong with your body?”

Yuudai make a couple of moves with his arms and legs before he said. “Everything's A-Okay!” He told her, holding his thumb up and asks. “And did you sent the mail to the others?”

“I just sent it.” She said.

“That’s good. Now we have to wait for them to come.” Yuudai said, until he realised something. “Kari. When will Taichi come back from this soccer tournament?”

She look at the clock and told. “I think… right about now. Why?”

And before he could say anything. A 14 year old spiky brown hair and brown eyes.wearing a blue winter coat, black pants, white and blue sneakers with a yellow line in the back, and light grey goggles with a black strap worn around his neck busting through the front door. He saw both Yuudai and Hikari and run to the girl and asks. “Hikari! Are you alright? You're not not hurt are you?”

“I’m okay, Onii-chan.” She assured. “Yuudai-kun was with me all the time.”

“And kick virus’s butts with… whatever inside this Transfer is.” Yuudai told Hikari’s brother, AKA Tachi, while point at the red Transfer.

“Really?” Taichi asks.

“I did. Don’t tell me you run straight from your house without reading the rest of your sister’s mail?” Yuudai asks.

“Uhm… I kinda… did?” Came from Taichi while he scratched the back of his head. “I remember reading something about you wearing some kind of armor?”

“We'll explain when everyone is here.” Yuudai said

---A while later----

After the rest of the chosen children arrived. Hikari and Yuudai explain what happen at the The Ministry of Science and how Yuudai fought against the viruses.

“Viruses appeared in the real world… That shouldn’t be possible, they don’t have the ability to materializing to the real world.” The chosen child of Knowledge, Koushiro Izumi stated.

“You think someone uses some kind of tech to materialize them?” Asked Yamato Ishida to Koushiro.

“That’s a possibility. But the question remains, who attack the the Ministry of Science and where did they get that type of technology.”

“But what about the Transfer that Yuudai used?” Sora, the Chosen Child of Love wondered. “Why did Regal-san made something this strong?”

“Don’t know.” Yuudai sighed. “And the strangest thing is after I destroyed that glowing cylinders the viruses didn't disappeared! Not only had that I even jumped through the roof without breaking my neck!”

“That’s really strange.” The eldest of the chosen children, Joe Kido said. “It almost sound like you turn something similar as those viruses you fought.”

“You're not far from the truth, Joe-kun.” The children turn to where the voice came from and saw Regal with a suitcase enter his house, walking towards them. “The reason why Yuudai could perform those tasks is because he was turned into a Electromagnetic Being or EM Being for short. Thanks to the Inheritor System that i developed.”

“Inheritor System?” Yuudai say it out loud.

“It’s a system that allow a regular human transform into a being composed completely of electromagnetic waves.”

“And why did you make something like that, Regal-san? And where did you get the technology to make something like that?” Koushiro asks, intrigued by Regal’s invention.

Regal sigh and explain the reason. “To combated against the aliens known as FM-ains who are responsible for the disappearance of the space station Peace.”

The children look at each other confused and surprised as the Child of Hope Takeru Takaishi asks. “Regal-san, how did you know about that?”

“That because found a footage of the incident a couple of days after the Peace when quiet.” Regal explain. “But we were already aware of their existence from other aliens who lost

“But how do you know what they are? Why did you keep it a secret about this?” Yuudai asks.

“That because we weren't ready to face them. They are like the virus you saw back at the lab, EM beings that can enter any electromagnetic machine and use it without limits. Not even the Digimon can’t fight against them.”

“You mean to say not even our Digimon can't beat the FM-ains?” The leader of the chosen children asks.

“I’ afraid so, Taichi-kun.” Regal told. “But that where the Inheritor System come in. According to my research, the digital monster can enter wave world since they are made from data. But only drawback that can't return to the real world without the help of an EM-human.”

“That sound really great… But is not that easy to become one isn't?” Yamato guessed.

“Indeed. In order to become an EM-human, you need a Denpa Chip and an Inheritor system that match with its user.”

“Not everyone can use it?” Hikari asks

“Each system has a different data called NetNavi DNA. If the frequencies of both the user and the system matched he or she can turn into an EM-human based on the NetNavi DNA it used.” Regal explained. “We found a couple of candidates that can use the Inheritor system, some of you are in the mix along with Yuudai.” He explained to the children.

“R-really!” Taichi can’t hold his excitement. “So we can fight with our Digimon use your invention?!”

“Indeed.” Regal nod. “But we don’t have many Netnavi data, and none of them is a match with you, Tachi-kun.” This make the leader hang his head in disappointed.

“So why did you give me this Transfer, Dad?” His son asks. “You said it was against you judgment.”

“It is. But I wanted to give you the blue one which contend the DNA of Rockman EXE. The one you holding is…. dangerous.” Regal clenches his fist

“Dangerous?” Yuudai tilt his head.

“Because anyone who use it loses their mind and go on a rampage.” This make almost everyone jumped off their seat from the new that Regal told.

“You mean to say Yuudai would destroy everything in sight! Why did you use made something like that!” Sora asks, angrily.

“I’m assure you, I would rather cut off my own hand then giving something that dangerous to him, Sora-kun.” The professor said with a hush tone. “And we didn't know it how powerful it was when other candidates use it. It’s even surprise me that Yuudai can control it with ease.”

“Where did you get this anyway? Which Navi did you use?” Joe asks.

“That’s the weird part. It simply come to our laps right after all of you fought Apoclymon, three years ago. We investigation it and concluded that it might be from a Navi called Zero, but it was completely different.” This make Yuudai eyes widen, remembering that word.

“Zero? That the name that voice and weird skull called me! And know that I think about it. The skull said also something about destroying Rockman and someone called Thomas…..”

“Really? That news to me…. Are they link to this somehow?” Regal place his hand on his chin.

Yuudai look at the Transfer he used, he took it off his arm and hand it over to his father. “Here, Dad. It better you have it.”

Regal look at his son, thinking for a moment and said. ”No, Yuudai. I’ll leave this in your hands.”

“But you said that it dangerous to use!” Hikari reminded the professor.

“I did. However Yuudai somehow manage to maintain his sanity while using the Zero Inheritor. That alone mean something.”

“So you're saying he has something special that the others don’t have?” Yamato asks.

“That’s exactly what I’m saying.” The professor answered. Looking back to his son. “That of course if you want to use it.”

Yuudai looked back to the Transfer taking a good moment to think about it. “If you said is true. About those FM-ains coming to earth….. Then i’ll keep using the Zero Inheritor.” This took the Chosen children by surprise from their friend answer.

“Are you out of you mind?! This something you shouldn't taking lightly.” Taichi told him.

“You think i don’t know about the risk. Tachi?” Yuudai look at Hikari’s brother. “I’m aware of the danger as you and the other when to the Digital World three years ago.” He reminded them, clenches the Transfer. “Do you know how much frustrating it was? Waiting for you guys fighting against the Dark Masters? Or watching how Diablomon almost destroyed Kodama Town with a nuclear missile? A lot!” Everyone was quiet from Yuudai outburst. “Not only that. I also have a good reason to kicking those FM-ains butt. They are the reason why Subaru almost never come out of his house, refusing making any contact us or with anyone. And without an EM-human, Agumon and the rest won’t stand a chance against them. Would you rather have a stranger using the Inheritor only to get stab behind your back? Or someone who you can trust and know your whole live?”

The room when dead quiet as the Chosen Children thought of Yuudai explain about his reason and logic. They look at each other nodded to each other and Taichi said.

“If that what you want. Then we won’t stop you.”

“Thanks you guy!” Yuudai grinned happily.

“Now we all in an agreement.” Regal place the suitcase on the table, he opened it up relieved 6 different kind of sunglasses and one goggle. “I’ve made these Visualizers for every one of you. I also sent one to Mimi-kun along with the explanation of FM-ains invasion.”

“You really came prepared, Regal-san.” Takeru said, as he and the rest of the gang look at the Visualizers.

“I aim to please.” The professor giggled. “Now pick the Visualizer that matched the color of your crest. Hikari-kun, you give the one you holding to Yuudai. ” Everyone does what Regal said and took their own Visualizer.

“But where did get the material to made these?” Koushiro asks.

“From a very special friends. They are the one who also told me about the FM-ains and how to make the Denpa Henkan chip.” Regal explained. “Sadly they are very busy, but you will meet them when the time comes.” This make the others confused at Regal’s answer. “But we have a lot to do and we have little time before the aliens comes.”

“When will they come, Professor?” Takeru asks.

“According to my calculation. I’ll say somewhere in January.” Regal answered. “I just hope we’ll be prepared in time before their invasion starts.”
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Ryuusei no Digimon adventure Z - Digimon Fanfiction
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