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Ryuusei no Digimon adventure Z - Digimon Fanfiction
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Subject:Ryuusei no Digimon adventure Z
Time:06:38 pm
Chapter 1

It is the year 220X… Extraterrestrial life has been discovered. The new space exploration agency, WAXA, and the government sponsored scientific research facility Ministry of Science, in an affort to enter into a friendly relationship, or ‘Brother Band’, with the aliens, launched a space station named ‘Peace’...

Man’s dream to find other intelligent life among the stars had finally been realized. However, the space station, the hope of man, met with a mysterious accident, and it disappeared to whereabouts unknown.

Of course, many people worked hard to find it, but the space station could not be found. And then, a few months after the incident, a section of Peace was found in the sea. All hope was lost after that. Both organization took it hard and stopped the search, and put the project on hold permanently.

Almost three years to the day have passed since…


Kodama Town Japan 2209 Morning December 21 The Albert Resistant

“Sai! Hai! Sorya!” A young old boy wearing a budo uniform with a green belt shout as he perform a couple of martial art technique alone in his family's dojo. The boy is only about 12 year old with silver neck-length hairstyle and crimson eyes.

That boy was Yuudai Albert.

He trained for a couple of minutes until his Transfer goes out.

“Wonder who it is?” Yuudai when to the dressing room, taking out the Transfer from his black jeans pocket. He opens the cover and on the screen was his childhood friend Hikari Yamagai. She’s a 11 year old girl with short brown hair, with her bangs to the left with a red hairclip and brown eyes.

“Good Morning, Yuudai-kun.” She greet with a smile.

“Morning, Kari. What’s up?” Yuudai asks, calling her by her nickname

“Is it okay if i hang out with you?My parents are out and Oniichan when to see a soccer tournament, and i have nothing else to do.”

Sure you can.” He reply.

“Great! I’ll see you in minute.” She said, and hangs up.

Yuudai take a quick showers before he put his cloths on. He’s are consists of a white long-sleeved shirt with black squares on the elbows under a red sleeveless jacket, and his long black pants.

After Yuudai is done, he went to the living room and saw his childhood friend sitting on the L shaped couch. She wears a long sleeved pink sweater dress with red pockets and collar, light green tights.

“Sorry to keep you waiting, Kari.” He said, getting Hikari’s attention.

“It’s okay. I just got here.” She said. “How was training?”

“Good thanks for asking.” Yuudai reply. “So any thought where you want to go?”

“Well i thought we’ll go to this new cafe, Lemson's. I've heard from Sora-san that they has the best ice cream there.”

“Sound’s good, just make sure you keep your sweet tooth onder controle. You’ll get fat If you keep eat those sweets.” Yuudai joked, receiving a lightly nug from Hikari.

“Mo~ Is that how you treat a girl?” She asks.

“To be true, you’re not the every typical of girl around, being a chosen child that save both ours and the Digimon’s worlds and all.” He stated.

Hikari blink a couple of time and giggled. “Okay you got me there.”

“Are you two going out?” The two turn around and saw a woman in her 30’s with exact spitting image of Yuudai, but with longer hair. Her clothes of choice where a dark greenturtleneck, blue jeans and black socks. That’s Yuudai mother, the martial art champion and teacher, Karen Albert.

“Yes we are. Why do you ask, mom?” Yuudai asks.

“I just got a phone call from you dad. He forgot something very important for his project and asks if i can bring it to him.” She sigh, placing her hand on her left cheek. “But i need to get some ingredients for our yearly christmas party, so can two you bring it to the Ministry of Science?”

The two look at each other before HIkari said. “Of course we’ll help! It would be nice to see Regal-san’s lab again.”

“That’s great. Just wait here for a sec.” Karen said, before heading to her husband’s office. They wait for a sec until Karen came back with a small red box and give it to her son. “Now you two be careful out there.”

“We will.” Yuudai said to his mother, putting on a black winter jacket. As Hikari puts her pink winter coat along a white beret and a red scarf before leaving the house.

The Ministry of Science HQ Japan 2208 Midday December 21

“I see… Thank you for telling me, dear. See you tonight.” Regal end the call on his Transfer and lean against his chair looking with his black eyes a photo with him, a 9 year old version of his son. Daigo Hoshikawa who disappeared with the Peace 4 days after the chosen children save both worlds next to him are his son, Subaru Hoshikawa.

The head scientist sigh when he saw his son and Hikari enter his office.

“Ah! Yuudai. Hikari-kun. I’ve been waiting for you. i hope you don’t run in any trouble along the way?” Regal asks.

“Nah, not really.”Yuudai said, heading over the packed.

“By the way, Regal-san what is inside that box is it so important for your project? And what for project are you working on anyway?” The child of light asked

“Something that would revolutionising EM technology. I’ll show you.” He told, opening the box and took out a blue/black mobile terminal device. “Materialize! Skyboard!” And with a simple command a floating board appeared in front of them.

“W-what?! A board appeared out of nowhere! And it’s floating!” Yuudai said, as he and Hikari are caught completely surprised.

“What you see here is a fully materialise EM wave created by the prototype Star Carrier i using, Matter Wave.” Regal explain. “Go ahead. Try to stand on it.”

Both of the kids look each other before Yuudai jump on the Skyboard.

“This is so awesome, Dad!” Yuudai said, trying to keep his balance when the board suddenly glitch and disappear as he landed on his feet.

“Of course it's still in development, but I believe the Star Carrier will be done somewhere in August.” Told Regal to the kids. “And i’ll make sure to give you and your friends one for free.”

“Really?! That great! Isn't it Kari?” Yuudai cheered, asking his childhood friend.

“It sure beats having to wait on line.” She answered.

Regal look away for a bit, before he nod to himself and turn to the kids. “Yuudai, there’s something i'll like to give you.”

“What is it?” Yuudai asked.

“It something very important. Even it goes against my better judgment.” He said.

“Against your judgement? Regal-san what are you talking about?” Hikari asks, becoming somewhat worried about the ‘better judgement’ argument.

Regal was about to explains when suddenly the ground start to shake and strange cylinder like construction apparent everywhere and give out a strange blue color.

“What the heck?!” Yuudai shout.

“W-What is that?” Hikari wondered, as the EM virus suddenly came out of nowhere, attacking everything in site.

“EM viruses?! They shouldn't be able to materialize!” Regal said, confused and look at the construct. “Could this be the work of the aliens? No, it too soon for them to be here.”

A Mettorio sent a shockwave to the professor, but Kari was able to push him aside as the attack hit the wall. “Regal-san are you okay?”

“Y-yes. Thanks.” He thank but more appeared, completely surrounded them.

“Kari! Dad!” Yuudai shout to them, inserted card with an image of a sword into his transfer, deleting a couple of viruses. But a bird like virus dash towards him. Yuudai was able to dodge it, but his transfer’s screen is broken by that bird’s attack.

“Yuudai-kun!” Hikari cry out

“I’m okay!” He answered, rolling out of the way for an incoming attack from a Purumin. “And i’m open for suggestions here!”

“Yuudai! You need to get to my bureau!” Regal instructed. “In my upper left desk draw lays a chip with a green gem and two Transfers, one blue, one red. Take the chip and the blue transfer! Use it the defeat the virus!”

“R-right!” Yuudai run to the desk and opens the draw his father instructed. He took out the chip, But notice a shadow hovering over him, he look up and saw a large round avile hover above him. Panicking Yuudai grabbed both Transfers and run just before the avile fall to the ground making a shockwave sending them humans flying and deleting some of the viruses.

Yuudai groan, getting his feet on the ground and realize he lost both Transfer, he then heard Hikari shouting his dad’s name, Yuudai turn around and saw Hikari moving the rumbles away that bury his dad.

“Dad! Kari!” Yuudai shout, but new viruses blocking his way. “Damn!” He cursed slowly moving backwards as the viruses getting closer to him. Suddenly Yuudai felt he step on something, he look under his feet and saw the red Transfers and the chip he dropped.

“Do you have the courage to take the mantle of a messiah?” His eyes widened when he heard a voice, the viruses suddenly stop and trembled in fear for some reason.

“If you do have the courage. Then put the Denpa Henkan chip into the slot and fight! Became the new Zero!”

“I don’t know what the heck you're talking about.” Yuudai pick up the transfer and replace it with his old one, open the cover and saw another small slot below the second screen. “But if it means i can protect them. Then i’ll do it!”


“Regal-san, are you okay?” Hikari asks, removing the last rumble and help Regal standing up.

“Yes i’m okay. Thanks.” Regal thanked the brunnette. When he sees his son with the red Transfer in horror “Yuudai! Don’t..!” But he was to late as Yuudai inserted the chip, as the Transfer give out a bright red light, forcing the two cover their eyes.

“What’s going on?! What’s happening to Yuudai-kun?” She asks, worry for her childhood friend.

The light started to dim a little, Hikari open one eyes and saw a instead of Yuudai, person with long flowing lock of silver hair fell from the ponytail emerging from a black helmet with a red and black armor shaped on the sides in a ‘V’ shape. A green gem triangle rested on the forehead of his helmet with a black visor, his body is covered in a black bodysuit which is then covered with an armored white belt and a red high-tech katana with black handle resting on the left side, red boots with and black soles and got green transparent parts on the kneecap, red fingerless gloves and a red and armored jacket with black trim.

“Is that Yuudai-kun?” Hikari blushed a bit, admiring his new looks. But Regal’s face showed only fear.

“Why is he using that Transfer? Why isn’t he use Rockman’s...?” He wondered, and then saw the blue Transfer on the other side of the room, Regal cursed himself and talk to Yuudai. “Yuudai! Can you hear me? It’s me, your father, Regal!” But Yuudai didn't answer. He just stood there doing absolutely nothing. “This is bad. At this rate the system will take over Yuudai’s mind and go berserk!”

“Berserk?!” Hikari gasped, and more new viruses appeared, surrounded them.

Yuudai’s Mind 2208 Midday December 21

“...Get up… Wake up, Zero….”

“Uhh… Who?” Yuudai groan, as to his surprise some parts of his body is covered with red armor and his hair is longer and his arms and leg is bind in red data code.. “What’s going on!” He struggle but the bindings was to strong for him. But he scream when he felt great deal of pain as his sanity started to fading away.

“Now go, Zero! Fight against my nemesis! Our rivalry is what gives me motivation in life! Destroy anyone who come on your path!”

Yuudai felt his will slowly fading, when memories of his life flashes in front of his eyes. The memory of witness Diablomon’s rampage on the internet. The memory of Vamdemon’s invasion and dead of Tailmon’s friend, Wizarmon. The memory of his first contact with Digimon and the battle of Greymon vs Parrotmon in Hikarigaoka.

“No!” Yuudai start to fight back. “I won’t let it take my mind without a fight!”

“What are you doing?!” Yuudai look up to the source of the voice and saw a flaming red skull flooding in front of him. “Why are you resisting your primal objection? Destroy Rockman! Destroy Thomas’s creation! It is you destiny!”

“Shut up!” Yuudai shout, pulling harder on his bindings it started to crack and break in tiny pieces. “And now get out of my body! You stupid skull!” He leap towards the skull and punch it on his face as the skull scream and explode.

The Ministry of Science HQ Japan 2208 Midday December 21

“Mmmmmm.” moaned Yuudai, slowly open his eyes, due to the blurry vision he had; but soon enough, his vision started to clear up. “What was…?”

“Yuudai-kun! Watch out!” He heard Hikari called out to her, Yuudai blinked his eyes until his vision become clear again and panicked when he saw a one wheeled motorcycle sped tackled Yuudai, sending him flying to the wall.

“Yuudai/Yuudai-kun!” Hikari and Regal cried out, as he landed on his back.

“Ow… That… doesn’t hurt much?” He groaned , finally noticing his new appearance. Yuudai get back on his feet, touched himself all over his legs, chest. “Eh?” arms and head “EH?!” Looking down and screamed. “EHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH?! WH-WH-WH-What happen to me?! What am i wearing?! Why do i have a sword?! Why is my hair long?!”

“He’s conscious?!” Regal gawked, not believing what he’s seeing. “Does this mean he’s the Inheritor of the Unknown?”

“Hey, Dad!” Yuudai shouted, breaking the scientist thoughts as he look at his son. “I have no idea what happen to me. But with this i can fight, right?”


“In that case!” Yuudai leaped toward the one that tackled him and punch it, sending it flying to the viruses who surrounded the two humans, exploding into data fragments.

“W-what power.” Hikari’s stuttered from Yuudai’s display of his new power.

“Dad! I’ll keep them busy, take Kari out of here!” Yuudai shout to his father, Regal regain his composure and took Hikari’s hand exiting the room. The viruses try to stop them but Yuudai jumped over them and landing in front of the exist.

“You’ll have to get through me first! You stupid freaks!” Yuudai threatens them.
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Ryuusei no Digimon adventure Z - Digimon Fanfiction
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