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Greetings!!! - Digimon Fanfiction
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Time:03:11 pm
Hi guys.

I've been kinda doing a fic dump of all the Digimon fics I wrote at digitalrewind. A whole bunch of them are being posted at digimondrabbles but the ones that don't fit there I shall post here!

I'm going to start with Frontier and then make my way through Tamers, though Tamers will be in another post.

Title: Friendship Conference
Series: Frontier
Characters: A whole bunch
Rating: PG
Note: Friendship Conferences became a running joke around Tamers’ rewatch. This takes place sometime after episode 15.

The Frontier gang played around on the beach, enjoying the small down time they managed to get after Grottomon's defeat. They were so busy having fun, in fact, that they didn't notice the small boat that came to shore. What they did notice were the loud grumblings of a redhead being forced off the boat, along with an older blonde and others.

"I don't see why we need to come to this island to hold this. Can't it be in a building like last year?"

"Ruki, you were there when it happened. It was destroyed. Besides, the original site was caved in anyway. This was the next spot on the agenda." The older blonde took out a large piece of paper and pointed in the direction of the group having fun on the beach. "That way!"

Kouji managed to get away from the fingers of Takuya and Junpei and zoned in on the newcomers. It only took a few more seconds for the rest of them to see what made the loner boy tense.

"No way! More humans?!" Bokomon exclaimed, clutching the egg in his haramaki.

The five humans and two Digimon watched as the group made their way over. The older blonde straightened up his attire, clearing his throat. "Hello, my name's Ishida Yamato. Is there a Seraphimon nearby?"

"Seraphimon?" Takuya repeated, glancing back at Bokomon, "Why do you ask?"

Yamato smiled, motioning to the pin attached to his shirt. From behind him, the others, including the redhead, showed the group the same pin on their shirts. "We're part of the Friendship Conference. There was a notice of a Seraphimon not showing the Power of Friendship and we were called to a castle and then a cave, but he was at neither. Do you have any idea where he could be?"

The rest of the Frontier gang slowly turned around to look at Bokomon, who was gaping at the Adventure boy. The Digimon walked forward, gaining Yamato's attention. "Seraphimon-sama?"

Yamato nodded, "Yes."

Bokomon winced, "Uh, that's... Seraphimon-sama is..."

"He's an egg!" Neemon chirped from behind the papamama.

Bokomon whipped around, snapping the waist of Neemon's pants before facing the blonde. "Seraphimon-sama was turned into an egg. Right now we're protecting it so he can come back."

Yamato stared at the egg in Bokomon's haramaki, obviously perplexed.

Ruki crossed her arms from where she stood. "So what now, genius?"

Title: Love Advice Part 2
Series: Frontier
Characters: Seraphimon, Ophanimon
Rating: PG
Note: Part 1 is here.

Ophanimon sat in her comfy chair, thoroughly enjoying her latest issue of DigiFemme. Inside was a poll on which was the hottest human-type Digimon around. The poll had lasted for quite a while, originally starting with a few Digimon but slowly ended up with two Digimon competing for first place. For the longest time, Ophanimon and Lilithmon's stats hovered just around first place.

Finally the poll was over with Ophanimon crowned the Hottest Human-Type Digimon around.

She couldn't wait to tell her boys about her victory, utterly giddy at the thought of their reaction when her double doors open.

Ophanimon glanced up, a little annoyed at someone enterig her room unannounced, especially when she was feeling so good. Her annoyance vanished though, at the sight of one of her best friends.

"Seraphimon, what's wrong?" She flew to her feet, her magazine forgotten on the floor.

The other Human-Type Angel looked down, his helmet shielding any emotion that might be on his face. But Ophanimon knew him better than anyone, she herself wore a helmet and sometimes it got in the way when she was trying to display any type of emotion. Seraphimon looked downright dejected.

Ophanimon gingerly placed a hand on Seraphimon's shoulder, "Is everything alright?"

"He hates me."

She blinked, "Who? Cherubimon? I know he might be a little... expressive in his views but I don't think that means he hates you..."

Seraphimon shook his head, "No, not Cherubimon. Sorcerymon." He moved his head up a bit, "I just know he does..."

Ophanimon couldn't believe her ears. After getting the story of how his confession went, Seraphimon spent every spare moment not involved with politics to be with Sorcerymon and everything appeared to be going smoothly.

But things were getting a little... intense during their weekly meetings. Cherubimon was suddenly angered easily about the smallest thing, even when it wasn't about Beast-Types. He started to accuse them of being too lenient on the Human-Types and that they should be punished more.

Every meeting left the three with uneasy feelings, and Ophanimon wondered where the sweet and gentle Cherubimon she knew had gone. She knew power wouldn't go to his head, he wasn't the type, and this worried her much more than she thought possible.

After wards Ophanimon would feel something unsettling, as if a dark force was hard at work behind the scenes, ruining the perfect unity the three Angels used to have. It must have been the same for Seraphimon, she realized, watching her best friend sit slouched on the couch.

Seraphimon never slouched.

Ophanimon bit her lip, even though no one could see. Her heart went out to the man, no doubt about that... But how was she to help? Oh this this ridiculous, she thought, I'm in charge of love and life, this should be easy for me to figure out.

She clapped her hands together, "Seraphimon, come here."

"Why should I...?" Seraphimon continued to stare at a spot on the floor.

Ophanimon let out a huff before marching over to her friend, grabbing his arm and hoisting him up onto his feet. "Because you're not Seraphimon right now. Heck, I don't even know who you are. No wonder you're having problems with Sorcerymon." She snapped, keeping her face forward so the tint on her helmet's cheeks wouldn't be too noticeable. Seraphimon went quiet, letting Ophanimon lead him outside onto the balcony.

She finally stopped at the railing, but she kept a firm grip on Seraphimon's arm. Digimon ran about on the ground, some soared through the air. Everything in the area seemed peaceful and calm. A gentle breeze filtered through the trees making leaves rustle.

Ophanimon waited only a moment to drink the scenery in before turning to Seraphimon.

"Now, tell me what happened." She held up a hand as Seraphimon tilted his head upward, his sign that he was about to speak, "No babbling about how Sorcerymon hates you. I mean it; I want to know what happened. The whole story."

Seraphimon nodded, taking in a deep breath.

"Well, it all started after that first meeting when Cherubimon started to act a little weird..."

Title: So Obvious
Series: Frontier
Characters: Kouichi, Izumi, established Junpei/Kouji
Rating: PG-13
Note: Set some time after Kouichi joins the group.

Shortly after the addition to their team, with their mode of transportation gone, the now six children and three Digimon started walking towards Venus Rose.

It was only when Neemon started to complain about his feet and Junpei griping about hunger pains did they think to stop for a break. They picked a spot away from their path, finding a cluster of trees in the barren wasteland.

Takuya and Tomoki went off with the Digimon to find some fruit while the others stayed behind to create a fire and places to sleep for a night.

Junpei hovered over the pieces of wood set aside for fire, a trusty firecracker revealed in one of his many pockets. Across from him sat Kouji, who was just staring at the floor.

A little way away Kouichi dragged a couple of leaves over to Izumi, who was busy placing them here and there for bedding. Kouichi stood over, watching her work. Time and again, his eyes would flick in the other direction. The only girl finished one bed, testing it out by lying down on it.

She nodded, "Yep, this is good." She sat up, "Hand me another leaf."

Shadows moved about on the older twin's face as the fire grew stronger. Izumi tilted her head, following Kouichi's gaze.

She turned back, "Kouichi?" Izumi got to her feet, placing a hand on the other boy's shoulder, "Hey, you alright?"

That seemed to snap him out of his daze, he turned to her, his eyes wide.

Izumi offered a smile, letting him sit down next to her, "You seem distracted about something. You aren't feeling guilty about being evil again, are you?"

Kouichi shook his head, "No. Not that..." His eyes found their way back to the pair around the fire.

Izumi pitched forward, leaning her elbows on her knees. "Are you worried about Kouji?"

There was no reply, but Izumi could tell just by looking at the older twin. She switched her focus onto Junpei and Kouji. They were chatting over the fire, the bigger boy making a remark that resulted in a laughing Kouji. He finally stifled his laughter to poke a stick into the fire. Junpei tilted his head to the sky, his mouth moving. Once more, Kouji found himself covering his mouth to hold in his laughter.

It was that moment that Kouji glanced at his brother and their eyes met. The younger twin turned a bright red, turning a little away, his ears bright even from afar. Junpei leaned forward a bit, not enough to burn but still close enough, and looked up, meeting Kouichi's eyes.

From next to him, Izumi let out a giggle. "Oops, caught."

Kouichi turned away, facing Izumi, "What?"

Izumi cupped her face in her hands, showing Kouichi a bright smile, "They thought they were being discreet. They weren't." The smile slipped off her face, "Don't tell me...?"

He put up his hands, "No, no! I was just..." His eyes shot in the other direction before back again, "Kouji and... Junpei?"

"Yep," Izumi leaned back, letting her hands support her. "It was a little weird at first, but hey, they're happy. Could you believe Junpei used to have a crush on me? Now he's practically my best friend." With the arrival of Takuya and Tomoki, she got to her feet, stretching her arms, "I couldn't wish for a better one. Now, help me with these beds. We need all the rest we can get before we reach Venus Rose."

Kouichi nodded, letting his gaze return to the other pair. Kouji's cheeks were slowly regaining their normal color, Takuya finding his way over, poking him in the back about something or other while Junpei proceeded to help Tomoki with the fruit they collected.

This was one weird group, Kouichi thought, but he wouldn't change it for the world.

Title: Double Time
Series: Frontier
Rating: PG

Takuya and Kouji were getting thrown around by Dynasmon and RhodoKnightmon. It didn't seem like KaizerGreymon and MagnaGarurumon were doing much good.

Suddenly Hyper Spirit Evolution was totally useless.

MagnaGarurumon's armor fell away as he tried to attack, only to have rose petals tossed in his face.

Kouichi gripped in hands together, there must be something they could do!

"Argh! There must be something we can do!" Junpei yelled, watching in dismay as their two friends were blasted into the ground.

Tomoki turned to Bokomon, "Why wasn't there anything about the Royal Knights in your book?"

"I don't know!" Bokomon screamed, clutching onto Patamon. "You never asked!"

Izumi joined Kouichi, laying a hand on his shoulder, "There must be some way to defeating the Royal Knights..."

Junpei made his way over, mirroring Izumi's actions. "If only we could Double Spirit Evolve..."

"That's right!" Tomoki moved away from Bokomon. "If we could, we would be able to gang up on them! We could help out Takuya-oniichan and Kouji-san!"

"But that's impossible, Tomoki-han!"

"No!" Junpei wheeled around, "We have Patamon! I'm sure he has more of that power inside him! It's not fair if only Takuya and Kouji get all the glory!"

"I don't know if I have that power desu..."

"But you have to try!"

Patamon flew up, balling up his fists in a cute fashion, "Patamon will try desu!" He squeezed his eyes shut, scrunching up his face, "Nnnnngh!"

The cheerleaders did the same, putting all their belief into the small Digimon. Bokomon raised a fist, yelling at Patamon to get down, that the Royal Knights might see him and point their attacks towards their group when Patamon started to glow.

The light fell onto the remaining four humans. From the sky, KaizerGreymon and MagnaGarurumon started to glow, their leveled up forms vanishing, leaving behind their humans selves as eight spirits left their D-Scanners to find their corresponding owner.

Bokomon stood gaping as the four cheerleaders yelled out Double Spirit Evolution. Neemon simply stared. "Ah. They Double Spirit Evolved."

The lights dimmed...

A giant bug like Digimon hunched over on all fours. "RHINOKABUTERIMON!"

A human sized figure resembling Fairymon, gripped onto a large pinwheel. "JETSILPHYMON!"

A huge penguin flexed his twin popscicles, ready for any action coming their way. "DAIPENMON!"

And finally a form similar to Lowemon, only with wings and wielding a staff, appeared next to the penguin. "REICHMON!"

Takuya and Kouji stared in astonishment while Dynasmon and RhodoKnightmon watched with amused looks. Suddenly things just got interesting...

Title: Hamburger Helper
Series: Frontier
Characters: Frontier gang.
Rating: PG
Note: Because we all know Tomoki is A+ at cooking.

Throughout the course of the next year, plenty of changes occurred to the six Chosen. Takuya introduced his younger brother to his friends, and Shinya and Tomoki instantly clicked. Mrs. Kanbara was glad her sons were making friends instead of fighting with each other and openly let the gang hang out at the house.

It was Shinya's birthday again, and Mrs. Kanbara planned the whole party, so it was a surprise when her husband apologized again that he couldn't make it until later the night, something about meeting with a group of old pals that couldn't be pushed off till later, and all her sons' friends came as one collective group, shooing her, and Takuya and Kouji, out of the kitchen, the youngest one taking control.

She watched as Tomoki relayed orders to Izumi and Junpei. The two instantly go to work, Izumi mixing up the salad dressing while Junpei dealt with the meat. Tomoki and Kouichi started to chop up the onions, making it into a game of who would chop the most in the shortest time. Tomoki won.

In the living room, Takuya, Kouji, Teppei, Katsuharu, Chiaki, and Teruo played videos and watched games with Shinya, laughing every time Takuya lost. It wasn't long before the smell from the kitchen filtered into the living room. Stomachs growled from the group in front of the TV, and the former gogglehead got up, checking on how the food was going.

Mrs. Kanbara couldn't help but hold in a laugh as she watched her oldest son get driven out of the kitchen by a girl.

"No!" Izumi yelled out, "Out of the kitchen! We don't want another repeat of that time!"

That time? Yuriko frowned, what time could Izumi be talking about? For the entire year since her son's abrupt change in character, she couldn't recall a time when he was in a kitchen. She continued to watch from her seat as Takuya just laughed it off.

"Fine, fine. How's the food coming along?"

Izumi pointed a finger into the air, "You can't rush a good burger. It'll take a few more minutes, right Tomoki?"

"Right!" Tomoki peeked from the counter. We just have to mix the onions with the eggs and the salad dressing." He turned away, "Junpei-san, do you have the sesame seed buns ready?"

"Right here, Tomoki!" Junpei held them up triumphantly.

"What kind of burger are we making anyway?" Kouichi looked up from the onions, "I never asked before we started."

Izumi moved away from the counter, stirring the dressing, "Tomoki's original Pure Burger. He came up with it by an accident, but it ended up saving our lives."

Junpei nodded, "Yup. It was back whe--" He stopped, as if realizing something bad, "Uh." He grinned sheepishly, "Nevermind. You weren't there when it happened. We didn't know you at the time."

Kouichi looked down, "Oh."

A elbow shot into Junpei's abdomen and he doubled over, "I-Izumi-chan! I didn't mean it! I forgot!"

The girl huffed but let it slide. "How are the burgers?"

Tomoki got on top of a foot stool. He grinned, "They look about done!"

Yuriko came over to the kitchen doorway, observing still, "How's everything going in here?"

The children smiled, "Almost done." Izumi brought the bowls with the salad dressing and eggs over to Kouichi and the two started to pour the chopped onions into the egg bowl. Then they took the onions out, pouring them then into the salad dressing. Tomoki waited patiently, flipping over the burgers now and then to see if they were fully done. Once he was sure, he turned to Izumi, giving her a thumbs up. She returned the gesture.

Junpei brought out the sesame seed buns, placing one on each plate. Izumi took this opportunity to call the others over as Junpei then placed a burger on a bun, followed by Kouichi and Tomoki putting the dressing onto the burger.

As they sat down at the dining room table, Shinya at the front, everyone smiled. Takuya gave his little brother's head a light ruffling up, before he looked at the others, "It's a perfect day to reintroduce Tomoki's Pure Burger to this world! Thanks for the food!"

"Thanks for the food!"

As Yuriko took a bite into the burger, she couldn't help but admit it DID taste good. Very good. She'd have to ask for the recipe.

Title: Happy Birthday Bro
Series: Frontier
Characters: Kouichi, Kouji
Rating: PG
Note: Heavily based off the Drama CD.

Kouichi stepped out of the train, cake box in hand. He was nervous, this was the first birthday he would spend with Kouji and he felt a little... pathetic just bringing a cake his mother made. Tomoko was adamant that he at least take something and she remarked how she would make the two a cake. Their first birthday cake. At that, Kouichi immediately agreed.

Hopefully Kouji would like it.

He started to walk in the direction of the park, their meet up spot, the butterflies in his stomach growing. He tried to will them down, focusing more on what he was going to say to Kouji once he saw him.

Kouichi could see the park and he quickened his pace. A little further away he could see a familiar bandanna. A smile broke out on his face and he shifted the box so he could raise an arm.

The figure was holding a box, looking down at the ground. But the moment Kouichi raised his arm, the figure looked up and Kouichi could see his twin's face. Kouji let out a smile and waved right back.

As soon as they reached each other, they blurted something almost identical.

"Thank you, Kouji… for being born with me."
"Thank you, Kouichi… for being born with me."

The two blinked, then started to laugh.

Kouichi lifted the box, "I hope you don't mind... It's a little lame for a birthday present but... Mom made it." He opened the covered and displayed the cake. It was a chocolate-vanilla double layer cake. The frosting was white while their names were written in purple frosting.

Kouji let out another laugh. "I don't mind. Because," He lifted up his own box, opening it, "Mom made us an apple pie."

There was another pause. Kouichi broke it, "We really are twins."

Kouji chuckled. "There's no way we can finish all this." He tilted his head as the two entered the park, "We can always meet up with the others and share our cake and pie." He frowned, "Better keep Izumi away from them."

His brother made a curious expression, "Izumi? Shouldn't we worry about Junpei?"

Kouji shook his head, "Izumi won this contest. Thirty plates of curry or something. Junpei couldn't finish ten."

Kouichi blinked, "Well. Uh. We can always figure it out when we get there. Until then, let's have a great birthday. Together."

His brother smiled, "Together."
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Greetings!!! - Digimon Fanfiction
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